Abrianna’s bridal affair

Some affairs like the ones you fall in love with the right person are really beautiful. A bride when time comes is also entitled to have one such beautiful experience but of course this time it’s a bridal couture affair.

Did you know there is always a dress a girl has on her mind irrespective of the opinion she holds on a wedding? Yes we do, all of us do. Some want an A- line dress, some a ball gown, some a silhouette fit, some a skirt dress and some a classic style dress. But before you settle in on one fixed style please meet a style-bride consultant and get to know your body type and please be fine to walk in with an open mind.

Here are few things that might help you as a bride to be.

1.know your BODY type

2. Find your STUDIO

3. Figure your BUDGET

4.Dont hold back on your opinion

5.keep an open mind

I’m not going to write a story and put you to sleep. But I’m definitely going to make it a point to remind you that a wedding is something that we all dream about. That dreamy decoration, that elegant makeup and that smile on your soon to be better half after seeing you for the first time in a beautiful gown. I for one would not trade that for anything. To catch that moment when I see the sparkle in my man’s eye when he sees me for the first time, in a bridal attire.