No no I’m not the bride. There is still time for that I have to go bungee jumping, swim in the deepest ocean, see a volcano, take a selfie with a lion and his cub and then I’ll probably thing about getting in the most dangerous sport Marriage or may be before all that.

So I come bearing some awesome things and ideas about a bride. Around a month ago I got to witness this amazing private event at this place called Abrianna’s bridal studio. My first impression was of how this studio was and what could it offer me interms of friendship and couture,they have surprised me in every way.

Often we forget that a bride comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. Not everyone is lean few of us eat carbohydrates and feed our brains more as well. VERA WANG an acknowledged international wedding couture designer always says ‘Vera doesn’t alter you have to alter yourself to fit in a Vera’. Even though it sounds so much that she is full of herself it is somehow how the brand takes off.

Ive been to a couple of studios here in hyderabad India. Not a lot of them offer couture to healthy brides. When I say healthy I mean large- heavy – obese. If you’ve read my previous blogs you definitely know that I pulled through from obese to now being a size large. ***claps proudly in the heart *** any way! So this place is very sweet the people here have offered me to come check them out, that’s a bold move considering asking a cabbage patch doll version human like me to try on their wide range of clothes.